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Welcome To Dempsey Farms

Dempsey Farms is located in the beautiful city of Innisfil, Ontario! Our goal at the farm is to raise our animals with care and respect. We started the farm because we wanted to have quality meat including beef, pork, lamb and chicken available to our local community and beyond. Through sustainable farming, our animals are able to grow and flourish. We are continually exploring ways to further enhance the quality of life for our animals to ensure each animal is raised in the most humane way possible. Join us in learning exactly where your food comes from and add Dempsey Farms meat to your kitchen!

Thank you for supporting local!

-Dempsey Farms


Our cattle are primarily grass-fed with hay. When the seasons allow, our cattle will graze fresh grass as well as have free access to range acres of silvo pasture.


Our pigs eat grain and are fed fresh vegetables from our community garden. They also eat brewers grain provided by a local brewery.


Our newest addition to the farm are the Katahdin lambs. They eat grain and hay as well as graze on fresh grass when seasons allow.


Rory Dempsey has built this farm from the ground up and truly cares about his animals and final product. He goes out of his way to ensure quality and finds the right fit for whatever your meat needs may be! Check out the farm for a great day up in the innisfil area or place an order with him online, you won’t be disappointed!

Brandon B.

We have purchased meat from Dempsey Farms a few times. It was so good! Great value for high quality food. We’ve had veal, pork, & eggs all delivered with a smile and a good conversation. We are now looking forward to some lamb. We will definitely continue to get meat and eggs here.

Joe A.

Dempsey Farms has the best, high quality meat! The tastiest steaks I’ve ever had. Check them out if you are in the Innisfil area, you will not regret it. Support local!

Mitchell R.

We are regular customers of this farm. The meat is of high quality. Our kids enjoy seeing the animals at the farm and growing plants in the garden.

Michael S.

Dempsey farms is a great pastured farm! They ave a community garden as well! The once a year bbq at the farm is the place to be!

Ryan T.

The best food and the best people. Your best choice to support local. Steaks were top notch!

James M.

We have enjoyed Dempsey Farm's quality meat: Veal, pork, beef as well as eggs. Wonderful and delicious every time and brought right to our door here in Toronto. Doing a fantastique job!

Donna A.

My son picked me up a 50lb beef box. For a single working parent the meat lasted me 3 months in the freezer and couldn't have tasted better. I'm diabetic and I'm very picky with my food choices. Dempsey Farms is the best choice if you're looking to make your doctor happy!

Jacqueline M.

I only get my meat from Dempsey farms. The combination of price and quality makes it an easy choice. Rory the farmer is incredibly informative and has an obvious passion for sustainable farming. If you care about what you put in your body and the quality of your food you should definitely check out Dempsey Farms.

Max B.

Contact us

Innisfil, Ontario

Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Phone/ (647)-767-9041

Instagram/ Dempsey_farms

Facebook/ Dempseyfarm1


Dempsey Farms

270 Dempsey Street
Innisfil, Ontario L0L 1K0

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